Parish of Belmont, Anglican Church Newcastle, NSW Australia

Baptism or Christening



Baptism is the first of the great journey sacraments of life. It marks the beginning of life illuminated by the light of Christ. For infants and for adults ( people can be baptized at any age) it is a sacrament of new beginnings.

During the Baptism Service there is an important prayer over the water. The prayer reminds us of many journeys.

In the dawn of creation as the spirit moved on the face of the waters to bring forth light and life.

The Journey of the people of Israel out of the land of bondage through the waters of the river Jordan into freedom in the promised land.

The Journey of Jesus, beginning with the baptism of John through the deep waters of death to a new life in resurrection.

Our Parish is made up of many individuals on the journey and we all would welcome all who would join with us on the pilgrim life.

Baptism holds with it the central themes of faith and hope, light and love. As a parish family, we prefer to celebrate Baptism within the context of the Eucharist. However, for those who prefer, baptism can also take place in a service later on a Sunday morning. There may be more than one baptism at this time, but we try to limit it to two families. Baptisms are often held during the 9.45am Sunday Family Service.

The baptismal font represents the door of the Church. All of us who are members of the Church have 'entered' the faith through baptism.

Baptism is a 'life long celebration' watch on youtube or embedded below.

All Saints' is a light-filled modern building that seats approximately 150 people. A large number of Baptisms (or ‘Christenings’) are held each year.

Please contact Rev'd Janet for more information.

Have you been asked to be a godparent? Watch on youtube or embedded below to find out what this means!

Baptism Information Form

You may find it helpful to download and complete the Baptism Information Form

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