Parish of Belmont, Anglican Church Newcastle, NSW Australia


Family is Important.

We regard our Family Ministry as a priority. There are number of points of access to family ministry, and there are links from this page to those areas.

It is sometimes said that 'Children are the Church of the Future', and whilst that does have a forward thinking approach, it can miss the point that 'Children are part of the Church today!'

Our 9.45 am service has a special focus for younger members of our congregation and has an emphasis on being family friendly. Children start in the service and after the reading of the Gospel the children (who wish to) process out to the Parish Centre for Sunday School, and

Of course family is a very inclusive word for us, and we see ourselves as a family of faith within the great family of faith , and we recognise the vital contribution that family in its many and varied contexts provides for the well being, care and nurture of children in particular and of is all.