Parish of Belmont, Anglican Church Newcastle, NSW Australia

Funeral Service




When somebody important to us dies, there are many things that need to be done and organised. Whilst standing close to a death, grief seems like an large tree and overshadows everything. Be assured that as you move on you will look back and see a whole life in a better perspective and you will know that your life has been enriched because for some part of the journey you walked with this person.

All Saints' is filled with natural light and it is the right choice for many as a place to say goodbye to people, who are special to us, who have died and to commend them to the eternal care of God. We can comfortably sit groups up to about 150 people in the Church Building.

We will want to spend some time thinking back on the life of our friend.

We will want to spend some time reminding ourselves of the sure and certain hope of the resurrection from the dead through Jesus Christ our Lord.

We will commend our loved one to God, and pray for strength for ourselves and each other and commit ourselves to care for those closest in kindred and affection.

And we will say goodbye to the body as the earthly remains that while here was our encounter with this person.

In short at the Funeral we will look back and give thanks, we will look forward and pray for strength, and we will look up to God in whom all things both begin and end.

We are more than willing to provide a Funeral Service at All Saints'. Please ring our priest to make the arrangements. Contact details are on the left.

The Parish Catering Group - which has excellent cooks - will be able to assist you should you wish to use the Parish Centre for a get together after the service.