Parish of Belmont, Anglican Church Newcastle, NSW Australia

I’m New

I’m New to Church!

Going somewhere or doing something for the first time naturally causes nervousness and some anxiety. It requires becoming vulnerable and takes courage. Coming to a church – or returning after a long break - for the first time is no different. We hope that at All Saints, you'll feel welcome. We're genuinely glad that you've chosen to worship with us, and we look forward to meeting you. (And if you have children, we're happy to see them too)

Ease of Access

disabled_friendlyWe try to make the church disabled friendly. We have limited parking or drop off near the door for disabled passengers. The entry from there is flat.

If there is something else we could do, please let us know. 

Inclusive Language

NRSVWe try to use inclusive language where possible, and like much of the Diocese of Newcastle we read from the New Revised Standard version of the Bible which also uses largely inclusive language.

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What’s in the Service?

Our worship service includes readings from the Old and New Testaments, a sermon based on the day's scriptures, an affirmation of faith using one of the Creeds, congregational prayers, several congregational hymns and a celebration of communion (Holy Eucharist).. A less traditional service is offered at 9.45am and the children can go to Sunday School (held in a meeting room at the back of the church) for a story and craft. We are using less traditional music and prayers in the 9.45 am service. Both services are followed by morning tea in the Parish Centre.

Children and parents are welcome to use the tables and chairs, toys colouring in etc at the back of the church.

Saints@6 is a relaxed time of prayer and conversation on the third Sunday evening of the month at 6pm.

Messy Saints is for parents who are worried if the children make a noise, details of the services are advertised on the website.

Follow Along.

The service is in printed booklets in the pew; most of what you need is found here. The scripture readings are on a separate white sheet which you will receive from the greeters as you come in. Hymns are in the silver hymn book in the pew or on the screen.

You Can Participate.

Anglican worship is participatory. We generally stand to sing, sit during readings and the sermon, and stand or kneel during prayer. Practices vary--even among individual Anglicans. Some -- but by no means all of us -- kneel or cross ourselves at various points in the service. These actions are personal aids to worship and are purely optional. Please, do what you find comfortable.

You are welcome to take communion.

If you are baptized you may take the bread and wine, the bread only, come forward for a prayer of blessing or choose not to leave your seat at all. The communion table is God's table, and God's generosity is great. Children may come forward with their parents for communion or a blessing.

The Offertory

There will be an opportunity to donate to the work of the Church during the service. Once again this is personal and optional.