Parish of Belmont, Anglican Church Newcastle, NSW Australia

Marriage or Wedding



All Saints, Belmont is a great place to get married.

Thank you for thinking about All Saints, Belmont, as a place to exchange promises and make your life commitment to one another.

We are a community of faith, not just a building, and we would be really happy if you would like to join in some part of our worship life as you are able in the period leading to your Wedding and following. This will help you be familiar with the building, the community and it's liturgy, and give you and opportunity to pray for you married life together in the place where you will exchange your vows.

The Diocese of Newcastle recommends "Prepare", a programme that helps couple enrich their relationship. Prepare aims to highlight a couple’s strengths and areas that may need a little work, and to enhance communication skills. For further information please consult the Prepare-Enrich Australia website.

All official and legal documentation will be arranged by the clergy who will officiate at the celebration of your marriage. You will need to show original birth certificates to the officiating clergy.

If you have been married previously you will also need to provide the other appropriate documentation, (decree absolute, death certificate, etc). Whilst the intention and purpose of marriage includes a 'lifelong union', the Church also understands there are times when things don't work out as we planned, and the message of the Gospel is one of forgiveness and new beginnings.

All Saints' is a light-filled modern building that seats approximately 150 people.

The church grounds overlook beautiful Lake Macquarie and the church is conveniently located to function centres and reception venues.

Please contact us if you would like more information about having your wedding at All Saints Belmont. Contact details are to the left.