Parish of Belmont, Anglican Church Newcastle, NSW Australia

Holding Crosses

Holding Cross

Holding Cross Prayers

As I hang on to this cross, Lord, hang on to me.


As I hold this cross, Lord, fill me with your strength and peace.


As I hold this cross, Lord, I remember the cost of your great love for me.


As I hold this cross, Lord, I rejoice in the knowledge that our evil and sin do not have the last word, and that your love is indestructible.

Holding Cross

One special ministry at All Saints Belmont is making and distributing Holding Crosses, for the sick and elderly.

The crosses are fairly robust being made from a single piece of timber. Unlike normal crosses there are no straight edges, as their primary purpose is not visual but tactile. 

Many who have held the crosses value the sense in which holding the cross has allowed them to focus and feel God's love and presence.

Every now and again during the Eucharist a bowl of holding crosses will be blessed, and we are mindful of those who will hold them, and pray that the hands that hold them will feel the love of Christ upholding them

If you know someone you feel would value having a cross please let us know. 

Holding Cross