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Cosmos Sunday

Cosmos refers to the entire universe, every dimension of time and space, spiritual and material. The cosmos is both the glittering galaxies that humans have begun to explore as well as distant domains far beyond our imagination. In addition, there are unknown domains deep within each minute molecule we have yet to comprehend. All creation is one sacred cosmos, a spiritual universe filled with God’s presence.

Special Focus

The special focus for this service is not only the cosmos in all its immensity and wonder, but also the spiritual impulse or presence that permeates the universe and is connected with each of us on Earth. That impulse is also called Wisdom!


In our call to worship we invite all the domains of the cosmos, not matter how great or small, to join us in worship. In our confession we recall how we have focused on our human selves as the centre of the universe and treated planet Earth as a garbage dump. We have also seen ourselves as pilgrims en route to heaven and considered this vast physical universe transitory and disposable. We celebrate the entire universe as our sacred cosmic home.

Storm Sunday

Storm refers to the world of the weather, the gales, the lighting, the winds, the cyclones, the hurricanes, the downpours and the flash floods outback.. Storm means both nature in the raw and the weather we need to renew our planet. Storms may be events that frighten us, but they are also events that we celebrate in the weather cycle that sustains Earth as a living planet. 

Special Focus

A special focus for this service is a ‘storm experience’. We enter into God’s presence appearing in a storm as God did on Mount Sinai. Sometimes, in the Old Testament, God is depicted as riding on clouds with the winds as messengers racing ahead. At other times God’s voice is portrayed as thunder. God often seems to be present deep within a storm. For Elijah, however, God was not present in the storm or the earthquake, but in the silence.


In our call to worship we invite all the domains of the weather to worship with us. As we do we wonder at the power/passion of storms and fierce expressions of the elements. In the readings we become aware of God’s presence revealed in the weather. We also learn that God discovers the Wisdom embedded in creation especially in the wind, the rain and the lightning. Each element has its God-given way. We are aware that global warming has changed weather patterns around the world. Storms are on the increase. Yet, Jesus Christ, surrounded by many fierce forces at the last supper and on the cross, is present also in the stillness after the storm. He knows the way of the storm.

Flora and Fauna

Introduction Fauna refers to the all the living species on planet Earth—in the wild, in our lives and in our soils. In Genesis One, all living species emerge from Earth who is their common mother. In Genesis Two, the first human and all animals are created from clay and the breath of God. In Job 39, the kingdom of the wild is God’s special concern, no matter how remote or mysterious.

Special Focus

A special focus for this service is endangered and extinct species. Living plants represent the food or abode of endangered species; the names of these species may be placed on the plant or pot and represented with adoption papers. Members may adopt an endangered species. Candles placed in the sandbox can help us to focus on extinct species as we would the sages and prophets of our history.


In our call to worship we express our kinship with the animal world. We are, in fact, a family of fauna—both biologically and spiritually. The creatures of Earth are our kin. We have all emerged from Earth and return to Earth. All living things are animated by the very breath/spirit of God. The loss or survival of a given species is a family matter. It is also appropriate to incorporate traditions from Indigenous peoples, many of whom have a rich spiritual kinship with the animal world, sharing a common spirit with their totem or dreaming as well as with the land where they live.

Ocean Sunday

Ocean refers to the mass of waters that cover two thirds of Earth’s surface, the swirling seas and the watery deeps where myriads of species live, many of which are still undiscovered. The ocean is a world of mystery and beauty, of fascinating depths and spectacular life forms. The ocean is that vast domain many of our ancestors crossed to reach all parts of planet Earth. And the waters of the oceans are ultimately the waters of life for all the planet.

Special Focus

A special focus for this service is the unique nature of our oceans as vast living worlds and the many unknown domains that both surround and continually surprise us.


In our call to worship we invite all the domains of the oceans to worship with us, even those we have never seen. In our confession to recall how we have started killing our oceans by over-fishing with nets, introducing alien species, polluting with massive waste emissions and killing our coral reefs with global warming. We celebrate the ocean as the source of our waters, the precious waters of life that make this planet unique. Throughout Series C for the Season of Creation we are conscious that, according to the Scriptures, Wisdom is both and agent and impulse active in creation.