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The Procession and Work of the Holy Spirit

Oriental Orthodox - Anglican Dialogue

Last week (26 October) a new Agreed Statement between the Anglican Communion and the Oriental Orthodox was released. As agreed statements go it is relatively short and quite readable. You can open it in the button below, or the conclusion is copied to the right. This is an ongoing discussion that began in earnest in 2001. The First Statement was the Agreed Statement on Christology. The second statement is about the Procession and Work of the Holy Spirit.


  1. Holy Scripture speaks of the Holy Spirit as movement in vivid imagery of water, fire, and wind. The Holy Spirit speaks in the Church and moves her from the area of internal comfort to the arena of external engagement. The Holy Spirit acts as the dynamic force within a redemptive understanding of memory as found in a historical past and leading to future responsibility in a changing world.
  2. In a world of enforced displacement and fearful arrival; in a world of accelerated movement; in a world of war-torn fragmentation and courageous martyrdom; the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, transcends time and space and yet inhabits both. The same Spirit is sent to commission and empower the weak to be strong, the humble to be courageous, and the poor to be comforted and blessed in a fallen world that is upheld by the providence and grace of God the Trinity who makes all things new in faith and hope and love.
  3. We submit this statement to the responsible authorities of the Oriental Orthodox Churches and the responsible authorities of the Anglican Communion for their consideration and action.