Parish of Belmont, Anglican Church Newcastle, NSW Australia


SaintsThe Greek (hagios), which means “set apart”, “sanctified” or “made holy”.

The word appears 229 times in the original Greek manuscripts of the New Testament.

Saints in the Bible refers to believers or to the whole company of the believers.

The term in English was originally a specifically Christian term, though it is now often used more widely to describe persons of especial piety or holiness of all manner of faith. It can also be used to describe people are simply good people. This is not strictly the Bible meaning of the term.

The list of persons whom the Church holds high as examples of holiness and accords them the title Saint, including the Apostles and many others who have faithfully born the lamp of grace.

In the end we are all called to be saints. We are all called to be allowing the light of Christ to shine through us that others may see something of the love of Christ.

In classic Churches the Stained Glass windows were often filled with images of the saints, and through those windows can the light of the sun to fill the building with beautiful light.  Our task as Christians – or Saints of God – is to let the light of Christ shine through our living that those around us may see the beautiful light of God.