Parish of Belmont, Anglican Church Newcastle, NSW Australia

Storm Sunday

Storm Sunday

Storm refers to the world of the weather, the gales, the lighting, the winds, the cyclones, the hurricanes, the downpours and the flash floods outback.. Storm means both nature in the raw and the weather we need to renew our planet. Storms may be events that frighten us, but they are also events that we celebrate in the weather cycle that sustains Earth as a living planet. 

Special Focus

A special focus for this service is a ‘storm experience’. We enter into God’s presence appearing in a storm as God did on Mount Sinai. Sometimes, in the Old Testament, God is depicted as riding on clouds with the winds as messengers racing ahead. At other times God’s voice is portrayed as thunder. God often seems to be present deep within a storm. For Elijah, however, God was not present in the storm or the earthquake, but in the silence.


In our call to worship we invite all the domains of the weather to worship with us. As we do we wonder at the power/passion of storms and fierce expressions of the elements. In the readings we become aware of God’s presence revealed in the weather. We also learn that God discovers the Wisdom embedded in creation especially in the wind, the rain and the lightning. Each element has its God-given way. We are aware that global warming has changed weather patterns around the world. Storms are on the increase. Yet, Jesus Christ, surrounded by many fierce forces at the last supper and on the cross, is present also in the stillness after the storm. He knows the way of the storm.