Parish of Belmont, Anglican Church Newcastle, NSW Australia




It is always possible to simply to listen for God in prayer, or to use our own words as belongs to an occasion. 

There are numbers of prayers that have helped people through the ages, not the least of which is the Lords Prayer. The plan is to provide a collection of them here.

If you are aware of a prayer that has helped you, and that you think may be of value here, then please let us know so we can add that prayer here.

Many such prayers are launching pads, and whilst we start to pray with the words, there comes a time that we pray through the words.

The ones that are here are offered in the hope that they may help you.

Many favorite prayers in Anglican terms have quite beautiful language, to house the our aspirations, however the language is only beautiful if it helps. Do not be afraid to your own words written in your heart in prayer, because that is what will be beautiful to God.